I’ve worked in the GUI design as both animation and digital designer for over 8 years. I’ve created everything from typefaces and user interfaces to visual identities. More recently my focus is creating digital brands and user experience design lead by customer experience design.

Day to day I design, do my best to make things look awesome, illustrate, talk to customers, brainstorm, share my knowledge and try to improve everyday processes.

Focus areas:
Conceptual sketching and interface design
Prototyping and user experience
Working in an agile environment

My work:

I’ve been running marathon:

2016/10/30 Shanhai Marathon (finish)
2016/01/17 Hongkong Marathon (finish)
2015/12/05 Shenzhen Marathon (450)
2015/09/20 Beijing Marathon (412)
2015/07/05 Singapore Sundown Marathon (425)
2015/03/22 Chongqing Marathon (430 Pacer)
2015/02/16 Hongkong Marathon (350)
2015/01/01 Dapeng Marathon (402)
2014/12/07 Shenzhen Marathon (400)
2014/11/23 Guangzhou Marathon (450)
2014/10/19 Beijing Marathon (430)
2014/02/16 Hongkong Half Marathon (158)
2014/01/02 Xiamen Marathon (440)
2012/12/20 Yantian Marathon (459)
2011/12/22 Yantian half Marathonh (200)